What Did I Eat

What Did I Eat identifies your eating habits and helps you adopt better ones with personal coaching - going beyond just tracking your total calorie intake.


The goal of the project was to design an end to end app which helps users keep track of their nutrition. Using Deep-Learning technology, the application recognizes many common foods and allows the user to add their own custom items by taking a few pictures. Just snap a picture of your food and the app will identify it based on the similarity to images in its database.
An individual dietary coach who can help you discover the benefits of eating healthier.

My Role

I began working with IBM Research Lab as a student and this was one of my first projects. I worked closely with a senior UX designer, a product manager, research analysts and developers.

As part of this project, I conducted user research, ideation, sketching, wireframe, visual Design, prototyping, and usability testing.


Product Designer
User Research, Visual design,

Prototyping & Testing

IBM Research Lab


Jan 16 - Dec. 17


Design process

Research, design, develop, iterate. 


The project was one-year in length, and UX and UI improvements were required on each release. As the app grew and new sections were added, I became responsible for wider and more complex requests. In the following sections, I'll elaborate on the process.


As a first step, I needed to gain a better understanding of the project's purpose and goals, and learn about the technology being developed by the team. That gave me a better understanding of the product vision and the big picture.

Following this, I went over the wireframes and first drafts of the application.
Having gained a better understanding of the groundwork project, I was asked to conduct research on competing apps. Aside from analyzing the visibility of those competitors, I was also asked to identify new features that could enhance the product's success.

During this phase, I came up with new ideas that were eventually incorporated into the app.

Wireframes and design

After deciding on the visual direction of the layout, I created a digitized, low-fi version of wireframes based on sketches. It allows me to ensure elements are placed according to the correct hierarchy without spending too much time on details.

I first shared the wireframes with the team to get early feedback, after a few  iterations I could move to the next phase: hi-fidelity wireframes. 

High fidelity wireframes helped me get better feedback  from the team and accurate my design decisions.

High-Fidelity Wireframes & Prototype

I created high-fidelity wireframes by applying established styles. It further lets me to examine the overall aesthetic feelings and visual balance of the application.

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