Check. Restaurant Risk Assessment.

Check is a platform that helps people looking to open a restaurant. A simple check-in process gives the users a business plan and risk assessment based on information the system has on other existing restaurants, such as rating, location, etc.


As part of a course in interface design, I have worked as a solo designer, in good collaboration with my mentor. I have been responsible for the whole end-to-end process and was given the freedom to come up with the concept.


I created a platform that would help those who wanted to open a restaurant.
In my research, I found that restaurant owners often fail because they start their business without sufficient information about the restaurant scene in their area , information that might help tip the scale to their favor.


This inspired me to create a platform that allows them to get insights and assess the risk before they launch their business.

The Challenge

80% percent of new restaurants close within their first year.

My challenge was to design a user-friendly platform that can help increase a new restaurant’s chances of success.


To solve this problem, I needed to think of an automatic way that platform users (restaurant owners) can enter their wishes and dreams into the platform, and based on existing data, the platform will help them assess risks and make informed decisions.


User Research, Visual design,



May 2017 

Design process

Having defined the problem, I spent some time searching the internet for data about restaurants, which led me to a lot of different restaurant sites. 

I saw these sites contained a lot of data about restaurants that could be of use if used the right way.


This data gave me the idea of enabling users to go through an onboarding process in which they specify their desired restaurant and the platform will automatically determine its success rate  using machine learning algorithms that were trained on the data I found about all the other restaurants.


My next step was to apply the findings from the research into information architecture and wireframes which helped me define the features I needed for the project. 

1. Research

Information about opening restaurants

User persona

2. Insights

Product goals

Product roadmap

3. IA

User Flow

Platform map


4. Design

High-fidelity wireframes


Wireframes and design

I created the user journey map, defining the main features and sketching the process the user will have to go through in the platform, while working to make a convenient and simple flow, thinking about how I can help them make the right decisions for their business.

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